2020-06-06 FRANCE

Saint Marcellin Champagnat Day – Virtual Pilgrimage to the Hermitage

On June 6th we celebrate the day of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers. The feast, according to Catholic tradition, coincides with the date of his death, 180 years ago.

On this special day, the Network of Marist Centres of Remembrance once again invites our Marist family worldwide to make a pilgrimage to the places connected with the Institute’s foundation. Today we will visit two sacred places that inspire profound reflection: Marcellin’s room at the Hermitage, where the words of his Spiritual Testament still echo, the scene of his last days and of his definitive gift to God; then we will go to the Hermitage House Chapel, where the relics of our holy founder rest, a place of veneration and of vocational discernment under the maternal gaze of the Virgin of the Silver Heart.

These are special places of thanksgiving and communion for the whole Marist family. We are filled with gratitude for the legacy of his life and for his spiritual presence with each one of us. We ask, through the intercession of our Good Mother and Marcellin, that we be strengthened in our mission, becoming the hands and face of God’s tender mercy in this world that lacks hope. Follow the instructions:

To participate using smart phones, tablets, VR glasses: point the camera at the QR code below. Open the link provided.

To take part using the computer: click on the links below. Depending on the type of web browser, you will need to enable “play / enable sound automatically”.
– Marcellin’s room – http://q-r.to/bak63M
– Chapel of L’Hermitage – http://q-r.to/bak66p

This arrangement is made available by the Marist Memorial in Curitiba.


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