2010-05-14 GENERAL HOUSE

Dialogue and exchange to plan for the future

The General Council has been devoting the plenary session of April and May 2010 to planning and has now entered on its final phase. In conformity with the new style of government, by dialogue and consensus, it called a second meeting with the members of the General Administration on 11 May. In this meeting, it shared with them the theme of ?organization at the service of the life? foreseen for the coming years.

This type of meeting is something new in the modus operandi of the General Council. Previously, the Council had meetings with the members of the General Administration to inform them about decisions taken during the plenary session in relation to the life and animation of the Institute. On these last two occasions, the emphasis has been on the new method of dialogue and listening in harmony with the objectives.

This meeting studied a possible organigramme reflecting the new structure of animation and government which the General Council has in mind. The members of the General Administration were asked to give their reactions to the proposal in front of them. Divided into three language groups, they could confer about the model proposed, the titles for the organisations to be created, the distribution of responsibilities, complementary structures, etc. With this data in their notebooks, the General Council can take the appropriate decisions.

Detailed information on the new structures of animation and government approved by the General Council will be given at the conclusion of the plenary planning session.


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