2011-12-22 MEXICO

Diffusion of the new data base system of the Institute

The Secretary General has concluded the third meeting for introducing the new data base system for the Institute, in this case in Mexico City, in the Provincial House of México Central (Quinta Soledad). The meeting took place from 28 November to 2 December 2011, with all the Provincial Secretaries of America except for Canada, which took part in the meeting in Lyon. Those present were: Br Balbino Juárez (América Central); Mr Wilson Pereira (Brasil Centro-Norte); Mrs Rosangela Graczkowski, Br Ivo Strobino (Brasil Centro-Sul); Br Eduardo Gatti (Cruz del Sur); Br Gerardo Torres (México Central); Brs Javier López and Carlos Toral, Mrs Liliana Columba Torres (México Occidental); Brs Hernán Gómez and Hernán Velasco (Norandina); Mrs Elaine Strapasson, Br Romidio Siveris (Rio Grande do Sul); Br Melchor Díez, Mrs Silvia Alejandra Rodríguez (Santa María de los Andes); Mrs Doris Reischach, Br Richard Vanhouten (United States); and Brothers Pedro Sánchez de León, Secretary General and Marcelo De Brito, programmer, from the General Administration.

The objectives and reasons for these formation courses have been made clear in previous articles on the meetings of the Provincial Secretaries in Spain and France described on  Champagnat.org. The present article is intended to say something about the group taking part, the place, the welcome, contact with the culture of the country, and to pass on the comments of some of the participants.

For the group, one can say that it manifested a variety of cultures, and a capacity for adaptation and collaboration proper to people who are well imbued with the sense of brotherhood and the spirit of work.

Quinta Soledad, the Provincial House of México Central, was the place which hosted the group. The spirit of work and the experience of Marist simplicity and family spirit were evident from the first moment. They were days dedicated to learning the new system and sharing experiences of the 10 Marist Provinces present. It must be said that the welcome on the part of the Province of México Central, in the person of Br Gerardo Torres, was exceptional, very much one of brother to brothers. This point was emphasized in the final evaluation, where it was expressed that “we felt at home, we had a taste of Mexico”.

Br Balbino Juárez (América Central) made the following comment:

“On the organization of the course, I consider that the directions sent prior to the Meeting by Br Secretary General in relation to the data relating to the houses and persons of the   Administrative Unit, which we had to bring to Mexico, were well-timed. They saved us a good amount of time and helped us move ahead in learning the new system.

The methodology followed in the meeting allowed us progressively to realize the importance, projection and possibilities the implementation of this computer system offers for the life of the Institute. Starting from the awareness and application of a basic vocabulary, we had the opportunity to go on getting deeper into the different modules, in introducing the primary data which make up the framework of each Province. I underline the importance of counting at any moment on the availability and patience of Br Marcelo De Brito, who not only explained the form for introducing information but also took interest in welcoming difficulties and suggestions.

Finally, I believe the work was carried out in a climate of friendship. In spite of the differences of language and culture.”

 Elaine Strapasson (Rio Grande do Sul) commented as follows:

“The data base is a gift for the Provincial Secretaries. For some time an instrument has been needed to give a real view of the history and current situation of our administrative units: their personnel, houses, etc. With this system, the Institute is taking a very important step in the preservation of its memory and in the vision of its reality. My congratulations to the General Secretariat for this excellent system, which presents itself as so complete and easy to learn.”

The next meeting will be held in Nairobi (Kenya) from 4 to 9 January 2012 for all the provinces and  districts of Africa (English language).

Br Pedro Sánchez de León, Secretary General


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