2024-02-03 PERU

Directors from Peru meet for the Retreat and Meeting of headmasters 2024

The Directors of the 10 Marist schools in the Peru sector (Santa María de los Andes) met from January 16 to 19 to hold the Meeting – 2024 and make a retreat all together, in the Marist Village of Santa Eulalia, in Lima.

The retreat, which lasted the first two days, aimed to dedicate time to knowledge and personal growth, strengthen resilient skills, become aware of servant and prophetic leadership, as well as experience a “desert” space for encountering oneself and with God.

During the Meeting, which was held after the retreat, the managers shared key aspects such as the Sector Management Model, the Colleges model, management indicators and KPIs. A crucial space was the preparation of a diagnosis on the factors, consequences and agents that impact school coexistence, and the advancement of an improvement plan in Marist educational works.

At the conclusion of the Marist meeting, the participants expressed their satisfaction with the experience they had and thanked – in a special way – Brother Daniel Martín, for his charisma and knowledge in carrying out this activity.”


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