2014-12-09 MEXICO

Disappearance of 43 students of the School of Ayotzinapa

The Educational Ministry team of the Province of México Central took a stand in November on the disappearance of 43 students of the Rural Normal School of the city of Ayotzinapa, in the Mexican State of Guerrero. Following, we publish the letter of the Marists of México.


Faced with the situation our country is living through, we cannot remain paralyzed in the horror and surprise the scope of the corruption and crime in which our country is plunged  has once more caused us.

Our mission requires us to be attentive to the signs of the times and to respond to them. “To form good Christians and virtuous citizens” commits us today to renewing our educational mission in the urgent task of building up a citizenship which is not only exercised at election times or in the face of natural disasters, but in critical reflection on what has permitted our arriving at levels of corruption, ambition and impunity in which organized crime in our country grows without limit, and in active participation in the construction of the common good and the promotion of justice, solidarity and human rights.

We cannot fall back on our own securities, but rather have to respond to the imperious necessity of linking up with the persons, activities and causes of solidarity. For this reason, together with the position we take as a team in favor of the life and rights of persons, we invite you, while being aware of the importance of our daily labor, to dedicate times of reflection and dialogue which lead us to local and provincial actions congruent with our collective commitment as Marists in favor of the Montagne youth of our day.

We beg of God our Father and Mary of Guadalupe the gift of peace for our country, at a time when we are searching creatively for new ways of forming citizens in the Christian   perspective, in accordance with the dream of Marcellin.


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