2013-12-24 BANGLADESH

District of Asia

How do we promote children’s rights? I am sure that none of us will say that we don’t support the idea of children’s rights promotion, but we must recognize that this is a subject that we have heard about, but do not know very well. Children’s rights, advocacy, human rights, are concepts that we have to know and they include actions that we have to take if we want to be coherent with the new circumstances and situations that we are facing in our globalized world.

The District of Asia in the process of developing and implementing a Child Protection policy, which is similar to what the other provinces and districts are doing. This is in accordance with the General Council’s request to all administrative units to take concrete steps in relation to children’s rights promotion and protecting children against any kind of exploitation and abuse. This strategy will require not only our enthusiasm, but also a concrete knowledge of certain documents, like the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) adopted by the General Assembly of United Nations in 1989. Furthermore, there will be a need to establish standards in the places where we work with children and young people and, develop strategies for capacity building among ourselves, Lay and Brothers, as well as the people collaborating in mission with us.

class=imgshadowIt sounds like there is a lot more of work to do, doesn’t it? I don’t think it will be a lot more, because there are many things that we are already doing, thanks to our Marist style of work. We have to remind ourselves that children deserve to be cared for and protected, and any effort we make in this regard is worth it.

St. Marcellin used to say that the Brothers are guardian angels of the children in our schools. By taking concrete actions in relation to child protection, we are demonstrating our conviction (and commitment) that children must be treated with love as well as respect and that their dignity must be preserved. They should have the opportunity to grow in society, that much too often, neglects them.

Br. César Henriquez – Moulvibazar, Bangladesh


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