2022-12-06 NEW ZEALAND

District of the Pacific: 15 December 2013 – 26 November 2022

On November 26, Marists from Fiji, New Zealand, Kiribati and Samoa came together online for a celebration that marked the District of the Pacific’s transition to Star of the Sea Province, opening on December 8, spanning the District and Province of Australia.

We can read those words in the “District of the Pacific Update”, from 2nd December:

In 1917 the Province of New Zealand, then the District of the Pacific in 2013, developed an energy and dynamism that resulted in the establishment of schools and communities throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. That energy is called the Mauri (the life force) and has a similar role to a Foundation Stone in a new building.

Our past, present, and future is an ongoing journey of Marist life to wherever the Spirit of God will lead us. We look forward to our ongoing journey, in Mary’s name, as we enter the new Star of the Sea Province on 8 December 2022 along with our sisters and brothers from PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Australia, Timor Leste and Cambodia.

As Champagnat Marists of the District of the Pacific, we give heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our two leaders over the last 9 years – Brother David (2013-2019) and Brother John (2019-2022).


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