2005-10-18 SPAIN

Dreaming together!

From the 30th September until the 2nd October, the first gathering of animators and catechists from the Friendship Groups and the Marist Christian Life Groups took place.
We had set ourselves three objectives: to share a time of fraternity, to meditate and to pray to Jesus as the centre of our lives as educators and finally to evaluate our personal and community life in the light of our aspirations to put Jesus at the centre of our lives and of our actions.
We said above ?set?, for we are conscious that the task of attaining these three objectives cannot be done in an instant, but rather it is a matter of a long journey to be achieved in time. What is clear is that we are going to take all the means necessary to realise our objectives. In this aim, we have developed our annual community project by specifying the areas of our action where others will discover our belonging to Christ, the fact that we are disciples of Jesus.
We wish to emphasise the family spirit and fraternity that reigned amongst us. It is something that was appreciated by all, especially the new animators who started this course to respond to God?s call, to put their talents at the service of others. We also took the time to remember everyone who, in the past, collaborated in the groups in this project of constructing the Kingdom of God. We would like to take advantage of this message to thank them publicly for their presence and their commitment.
We think that with this project, we can already realise our motto for this year: Dream the dream of Jesus of Nazareth to build a world that is more just, more in solidarity, created by God to be lived in the love and service of others.


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