2023-04-10 PHILIPPINES

East Asia Province engages in the process of setting priorities for the next two years

On March 17-18, the persons in charge of the different commissions, committees, ministries, and desks of the East Asia Province were convened to review once again the strategic plan of the current administration and to set priorities for the next two years. The venue of the said meeting was the Marist Asian Spirituality and Mission Center, Lake Sebu.

Dr. Alma Hordista and Dr. Andres Magallanes were the key facilitators directing the group to engage in discussions to find synergy in the implementation of priorities of each respective area.

The Oversight Team presented the working draft for the articulation of the Vision-Mission. Br. Manny de Leon presented the proposed Organigram, and Dr. Magallanes explained the Operational Flow Chart important in the work synergy.

The action points drawn from the discussions were, among others, the sending of the draft of the vision-mission statement, organigram, and operational chart to all brothers and laity for them to provide feedback for improvements and allow an experience of owning the process prior to the finalization of the said documents. Time would be needed to fine-tune the final form of the documents.

Br. Allan de Castro, Provincial Superior, enjoins everyone to take part in this important process affecting the life of the East Asia Province.


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