2015-07-03 ARGENTINA

Echoes from Nairobi in Cruz del Sur

Having in mind as objective the deepening of the message and the contents of the II Marist International Mission Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya, during the month of September 2014, the Zonal Assemblies of the Marist Mission were held simultaneously in the Province of Cruz del Sur: in the School San José in Morón (Buenos Aires) and in Montevideo, Uruguay.

On Saturday, June 13, Brothers and Laity met to become aware and reflect on the challenges drawn up by the International Assembly of Nairobi.

Both Assemblies were animated by the Provincial Delegates who participated in the International Assembly in Nairobi.

There was a very good participation of representatives of the Marist works, and so the Assemblies took place in an excellent fraternal climate making us feel challenged by the challenges presented and trying to adapt them to the local realities. Our Good Mother and Saint Marcelin motivated and encouraged the effort of Laity and Brothers so that “a new dawn for the Marist Charism in the Province Cruz del Sur” may gradually become a reality.


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