2020-06-13 SPAIN

The Superior General and the Marists of Mediterránea address the challenges behind the pandemic

The brothers and lay Marists of the Province of Mediterránea held a meeting on June 7 with the Superior General, Brother Ernesto Sánchez Barba, to reflect together on the Marist challenges that are presented after the pandemic. During the event, Brother Ernesto and the Provincial, Brother Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí, analysed two fundamental questions: “How have we lived through the pandemic of Covid-19? and what challenges does it present to us Marists today?

In his intervention, the Superior General pointed out that the current situation is “an opportunity to learn and practice new ways of living community”. And, in the same way, he highlighted the support of the Marists in various movements and the solidarity response of the Marist works by offering spaces for health professionals, by supporting the production of hygienic material and other elements of protection and by attending to the most needy people as far as possible.

In the dialogue, the Superior General mentioned the projects born of the Strategic Plan and the situation of the communities that are found in the areas of greatest poverty. Likewise, there was a reflection on what has been learned about journeying as a global family; or the possibility of taking advantage now to create a more global network among the Marist family and to try to connect the educational works of the whole world. And all of this talking about the role of the laity in the Institute.

Along these lines, Brother Juan Carlos Fuertes concluded his talk with the following question: “What elements of Marist DNA will help us to move forward together?”

At the end of his talk, Brother Ernesto referred to the last General Chapter and the guidelines that were set there, and which are still valid: “to be a beacon of hope and to be builders of bridges”. Complete video of the event live:


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