2013-07-15 GENERAL HOUSE

End of the General Council plenary session

In the first days of July, the International Commission of Brothers Today has begun operation in Rome, formed by Brs Hipólito Pérez (América Central); James Pinheiro (Brasil Centro Norte); Daniel O’Riordan (USA); Juan Carlos Fuertes (Mediterránea); Norbert Mwila (Southern Africa); Albert Nzabonaliba (PACE); Saul Placious (South Asia); Peter Rodney (MAPAC); Jean Marie Batick (Melanesia); Tony León (Australia). Its aim is to support, by an annual meeting, the Secretariat Brothers Today, especially in the areas of vocations ministry and initial formation.

Another two international commissions have been appointed to respond to two chapter mandates:

·         The first, to draw up a plan of economic autonomy for the AUs, formed by Brs Víctor Preciado (Econome General), co-ordinator; Mario Meuti (FMSI); Francisco Baeza (Central East Africa); Jude Pieterse (Southern Africa); Mervyn Perera (South Asia); Robert Teoh (East Asia); Tata Oliver (West Africa); John Bwanali (MIC, Southern Africa); Jean-Thomas Randrianantenaina (Madagascar); Celestin Okoye (Nigeria); Mr Marco Cándido (Brasil Centro Sul);

·         The second, to implement and accompany the process of revision of the Constitutions, formed by Brs Nicholas Fernando (South Asia), Diogène Musine (Central East Africa), John Hazelman (New Zealand), Patrick McNamara (USA), Deivis Fischer (Rio Grande do Sul), Juan Ignacio Fuentes (Cruz del Sur) and Antonio Leal (Compostela). Brs Emili Turú, Joseph Mckee and Antonio Leal will co-ordinate the commission.


Appointments to the General Administration:

– Br César Rojas (Norandina), Director of the Secretariat Brothers Today, for a second term;

– Br Javier Espinosa (América Central), Director of the Secretariat of the Laity, for a second term;

– Co-directors of the Secretariat of the Laity: Mr Tony Clarke (Australia), for a second term, and Mr Josep Buetas (L’Hermitage);

– Br Joarés Pinheiro, Assistant Director of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking ongoing formation programs;

– FMSI-Geneva: Brs Manel Mendoza (L’Hermitage) and Vicente Falquetto (Brasil Centro Norte), for a second term; Br Evaristus Kasambwe (Southern Africa), who will be taking up this service in October;

– From January 2014 Br Colin Chalmers (West Central Europe) will begin as Archivist General. Br Juan Moral will continue in this function up to then. 


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