2019-10-25 NIGERIA

Ensuring team spirit

The provincial Superior of Marist Province of Nigeria, Br. Vincent Abadom, held a meeting with Heads of Marist Projects and members of Marist Schools Management Board on 14th October, 2019 at Marist Polytechnic, Umuchigbo, Iji-Nike, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.

In his opening remarks, the Provincial thanked all for leaving behind their tight schedules to attend the meeting. Speaking further, he stated that our schools were centres of learning and evangelisation, adding that we were called to help our students and staff to integrate life and culture. He highlighted that a good leader consistently possesses the following qualities:  honesty, good team player, ability to delegate, communication skills, sense of humour, among others.

The meeting featured paper presentations by the members of Marist Schools Management Board and free interactions. The topics of the presentations included: Following Due Process, Customer Care, The Need to Carry People Along, Professionalism, The Need to Follow Laid-down Rules in Marist Educational and Students Handbooks and Budgeting.

All those present were called to follow due process in handling issues and avoid cutting corners, maintain good customer care relations, carry people along by ensuring team spirit.


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