2022-06-21 SPAIN

Espiral is accredited as a NGO of Fundación Lealtad

After a long and intense analysis process involving 36 indicators, Asociación Espiral Loranca has just become an ACCREDITED NGO of Fundación Lealtad, joining the 240 NGOs that already have this prestigious distinction. The Foundation is linked to the Marist Institute in its inspiration, educative principles and pedagogical line, as a social work of reference in the Iberian Province.

Lealtad Foundation is a non-profit institution whose mission is to foster society’s trust in NGOs in order to achieve an increase in donations, as well as any other type of collaboration. It was the first entity to develop a methodology for analyzing the transparency and good management practices of Spanish NGOs. This work has been carried out since its incorporation in 2001, based on its values of independence, transparency, solidarity, and rigor.

In this way, our organization obtained the “Dona con confianza” (Donate with Confidence) seal from the Foundation, a unique distinction in Spain that identifies NGOs that fully comply with the 9 Principles of Transparency and Good Practices, whose objective is to reinforce the confidence of donors in NGOs and contribute to the effectiveness of their donations.

For Espiral, it is a great step forward as a recognition of good practices in management and transparency, thus improving the internal management processes of our organization thanks to the access to tools, tutorials, guides, etc. In addition, it allows us to have the opportunity to access possible donations from private entities that trust in the seal to invest their solidarity funds and CSR activities.

NGO profile and complete report published on the Fundación Lealtad website.


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