2020-12-11 SPAIN

Europe Marist Region

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The Regional Council of Europe Marist Region (EMR) met for the second time, from the 4th to the 5th November, with the aim of continuing to take decisions and to give shape to the structure of the Region which comprises the Provinces of Ibérica, West Central Europe, Compostela, Hermitage and Mediterrånea.

Regional communication

During the meeting, the topic of a communication model for the Region was discussed and a start made on a Regional Communication Framework to promote working together, greater synergy and common initiatives among the five provinces.  To this end, a communication team will be set up to be composed of one person from each province and a coordinator.

In line with this topic, approval was given for a single calendar for the whole Region which will include all formation opportunities, meetings and any other activity endorsed by the Regional Council. Likewise, it was agreed that the publication “Maristas Siglo XXI” (21st Century Marists) in paper form will end with the academic year 2020-21, after seven years of life; a digital communication portal will be established from the 2021-22 academic year onwards.

Appointments of the Regional Council

The Regional Council is made up of the Provincials, TomĂĄs Briongos (Compostela – President), MoisĂ©s Alonso (IbĂ©rica), Pere FerrĂ© (L’Hermitage), Juan Carlos Fuertes (MediterrĂĄnea) and Robert Thunus (West Central Europe). Br. Teodorino Aller is the Regional Secretary. The General Councillors for Europe, Brothers JoĂŁo Carlos do Prado and Ben Consigli, also participate.

The Coordination and Follow-up Team of the Region will be made up of Br. Andreu P. Sånchez, Mr. D. Ángel Prieto, Br. Teodorino Aller and the secretary for mission. Until June, Brother Nicolås García will be the link person for initial formation with the Secretariat of Brothers Today.

Regarding the Community of Syracuse, Regina Biasibetti will be the reference person between the community and the region/province. Br. Giorgio Banaudi is appointed as the canonical representative to the diocese and Br. Ricardo Gomez as the ministry coordinator. Imma Amadeo GurĂ­ (L’Hermitage) was appointed coordinator of the communication team for one year.

Meeting with the Secretariats in Rome

In its second work session, on 5 November, the team met by videoconference with Br. Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General, and the various secretariats of the General Administration with the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the links between the European Region and the General Administration
  • For the General Administration to share some global priorities and some specific to Europe.

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