2021-04-26 GENERAL HOUSE

Fifth Meeting of the International Commission for the Revision of the Formation Guide

The International Commission for the Revision of the Institute’s Formation Guide held its fifth meeting on 14 April.

The commission was appointed by the General Council to implement the recommendation of the General Administration’s Strategic Plan to “review the current plans and structures of initial formation for Brothers and the Formation Guide“. It held its first meeting on 6 October 2020.

For the fifth meeting of the commission, Brother Robert Schaefer, a De La Salle Christian Brother, former secretary-coordinator of their congregation’s formation secretariat, was invited. Together with Br. Luis Bernardo Bolivar, also a De La Salle Brother, he spoke about how they developed a formation guide for the congregation. The focus of the document produced, which was more of a handbook, was on the mission of God. Hence the title “Lasallian Formation for Mission”. The De La Salle Brothers used the image of the pilgrimage as their metaphor for this guide.

After Br. Robert’s presentation, time was allotted for the members of the Commission to make comments, ask questions and seek clarifications.

During the second part of the meeting, the Secretariat of Brothers Today, with Brothers Angel Medina and Lindley Sionosa, presented a synthesis of all the previous meetings in the form of a road map that gives an overview of the process leading to the new Formation Guide for the Marist Institute.

Members also shared their reflections and provided input to help define the next steps.

The commission will meet again on 18 May.

The Commission is composed of the brothers:
  • – Angel Medina, Director of the “Brothers Today” Secretariat.
  • – Cesar A. Rojas, Norandina Province
  • – Fabien Bulaimu, Province of East Central Africa
  • – Francisco García Ruíz, Marist District of Asia
  • – Graham Neist, Province of Australia
  • – João Carlos do Prado, General Councillor
  • – Lindley Sionosa, Deputy Director of the “Brothers Today” Secretariat
  • – Oscar Martín Vicario, General Councillor
  • – Pere Ferre, Province of the Hermitage
  • – Rubens Falqueto, Province of Brasil Centro Norte

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