2021-01-10 MOZAMBIQUE

Final Profession of Br. Dias Gemusse

On 5 December, Brother Dias Gemusse, of the Southern Africa Province, made his profession as Marist Brother in Matola, Mozambique.

At the same celebration, held at the college of the Franciscan Sisters Mother of the Divine Shepherd, five novices made their first profession in the Institute: James Masikiya, Cornelio Mulambiki, Eulalio Celestino, Thokozani Aubrick, and Evance Masangano.

In the text which follows Brother Dias, who lives in the community of Nivava, Mozambique, tells of his vocational journey.

I first encountered the Marist Brothers on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Namaacha, Maputo, in 2007, thanks to a friend who introduced me to Brother António Armando Sanasana. I tried to interact with the Brothers and it was during this period that I met Brother António Pisco who played a vital part in my vocational discernment. During this initial phase I met other Brothers, among them Brother Felizardo Maceia who was my formator in the postulancy at Quelimane in 2008. Brother Evaristus Kasambwe who was my teacher in Malawi was also important. I remember very well, when I returned to Mozambique at the end of the Postulancy, when he told me: “it is worth dying as a Brother”. This phrase has encouraged me until today.

I did my novitiate in Matola from 2010 to 2011. I had the opportunity to have Brother Norbert Mwila, the present Provincial, as my Novice Master. He was a great encouragement to my vocation through his wise words.

Finally, I received my religious and academic formation at MIC in Nairobi, Kenya from 2012 to 2016. In Kenya I met Brother Geraldo Medida, the present Provincial Councillor in Mozambique. His presence at MIC was encouraging.

After MIC I was sent to Angola, to the community of Ndalatando, and at present I am in the community of Nivava, Alto Molócuè, in Mozambique.

I made my perpetual profession as a Marist Brother because I have the desire to live only for Christ, confirming my baptismal promises.


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