2021-07-09 SPAIN

Final Profession of Br. Rui Pires

Br Rui Pires, of the Province of Compostela, took his perpetual vows on 4 July at the Marist College in Lisbon, Portugal. Br. Tomás Briongos, Provincial, received his vows on behalf of the Superior General and presented him with the profession cross.

During the celebration, Br. Rui thanked his family, friends, formators and brothers of the Marist community for having accompanied him in the different stages of his formation.

In the midst of this time of Covid and the circumstances it entails, Br Rui, 28 years old, considers his final profession as a high point and yet simply another step in “trying to go through the world, me too, doing good”. 

Br Rui met the Marists at the Vouzela Camps and, from then on, this place became for him a “safe environment in which to grow up”. He recognises that, nowadays, perhaps we have become accustomed to seeing the brothers as older people, but he feels happy as a “young brother” and a member of this family where, beyond age, “living together in harmony is a prophetic witness to brotherhood “. From those camp days until now, the path has been “uneven”. This is how Rui defines it, not forgetting potholes and hardships along the way, but stressing that he has always felt “supported and accompanied” and is grateful for every experience and encounter.  There are many people who have marked his “growth in openness, sensitivity and love for what surrounds me”.

A journey that does not end. Rui Pires is clear that Final Profession “is a moment of thanksgiving, of becoming aware that my commitment is shaped and nourished by all the life that is given to me” and, centring himself on Jesus of Nazareth, “remembering that the journey continues”.

The celebration can be seen on the Maristas Compostela YouTube channel:


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