2019-12-27 BRAZIL

First gathering of the Farol Movement based around the sharing of life stories

On November 30, the first gathering of the Farol Movement – Marist youth groups – was held in Porto Alegre (Brazil Sul-Amazon Province). The meeting sought to bring together young people searching to start a new type of Marist journey.

Launched in June 2019, the Farol Movement aims to develop a lay youth organization that provides experiences based on the Marist charism. Two groups have already been established, one in Porto Alegre and one in Passo Fundo. The Consecrated and Lay Life committee of the province is also in contact with other cities to coordinate the formation of other groups.

For Natalia Fernanda Menegol, member of the Porto Alegre group, the Farol Movement provides the opportunity to live an aspect of life that is often ignored in the day-to-day: “We do not always have space to share our personal history, to reflect on our life project, our dreams and share these with others”. Natalia also argues that it is necessary to identify together issues that can be worked on: “In addition to looking inward as a group, we now understand that it is important to move out, participating in social action or volunteering, for example”.

Marcos Broc, member of the Consecrated and Lay Life committee and in charge of developing the project, admitted that this early stage of the Movement had been marked by moments of doubt, fear and overcoming obstacles: “Our next step is to promote spaces to maintain the energy of these groups and to understand what is the essence of each one of them. Charism was the unifying point, and now …? Are we just going to meet or do something to improve the world?” he asked, thinking about the future.

The Farol Movement of the Marist mission seeks to go out, to find its place in ministries, councils, organizations, campaigns and activities promoted by ecclesial or civil groups.

Check the e​​-book and learn more about the Movement.


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