2021-11-25 GENERAL HOUSE

First Meeting of the New On-Going Formation Team

The new On-Going Formation Team of the Institute met for the first time on November 19 at the office of the Secretariat of Brothers Today. This new team is composed of Br. Antonio Peralta (Santa Maria de Los Andes), Br. Xavier Barcel├│ (L┬┤Hermitage) and Br. Michael Sexton (Australia). Also in attendance were Br. Oscar Martin and Br. Joao do Prado (Link Councilors) and Br. Angel Medina and Br. Lindley Sionosa of the Secretariat. Br. Michael, who cannot be present in person, connected via Zoom.

After the prayer, Br. Oscar and Br. Joao expressed their gratitude to the team for having accepted this special service. They proceeded to share the General Council vision for on-going formation in the Institute stressing, among others, the importance of working as a team, being available globally, and thinking more in terms of collaboration with the Marist Laity and the Area of Marist Life. In dreaming about the programs for the 2023-2025, the invitation is to focus on emerging needs especially during this period of the pandemic.

The second part of the meeting was the presentation of the Programs for 2022, which the Secretariat has prepared in collaboration with the Link Councilors. Most of the programs are re-activation of those already planned but cancelled because of the pandemic. These are:

  • Midlife/Senderos, for brothers between the ages of 45 to 65 years.
  • Gier, for young brothers who made final vows in the last 5 years.
  • Mentors/Acompa├▒antes, for those accompanying young brothers in the communities.
  • Third Age (simultaneous in three separate language groups, English, Spanish-Portuguese and French)
  • Regional Program for Vocation Animators. This is open to both brothers and laity.

The On-Going Formation Team will animate the Midlife/Senderos, Mentors/Acompa├▒antes and the Regional Program (in collaboration with the team formed in the regions). Meanwhile the Third Age Programs and Gier will be facilitated by teams of brothers invited specifically for these.

In January 2022, new On-Going Formation Team begins its mandate. They will be based in the General House. On the other hand, the actual team, which also includes Br. Antonio Peralta, will finish in December 2021. Others in the present team are Br. Joe Walton, Br. Joaquim Sperandio and Br. Teofilo Minga.


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