2006-03-13 SRI LANKA

First Profession at Tudella

On Saturday February 18th, the novitiate at Tudella was the venue for the first profession of five new Marist Brothers.
In a simple and meaningful celebration of the Eucharist, Antony Adaikalam, Adnan Asif, Albert Younas, Jesudoss, and Nilupul Lukshan made their vows before their Provincial, Br Michael de Waas.

Significantly, the new Brothers come from each of the three countries that now constitute the province ? Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. It was only late last year that the Sector of India formally came under the responsibility of Sri Lanka/Pakistan, so it is an added blessing that these young Brothers reflect fully the rich diversity of the province. At the end of the ceremony, Jesudoss spoke on behalf of the group and thanked their formators and those attending. To the pleasant surprise of all, he expressed the vote of thanks in all four languages of the region ? Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu and English ? and received an appreciative round of applause for his inclusion of all.

The new Brothers have now returned to their home countries and are enjoying the pleasure of being back in their own cultures, working with their local Brothers, and catching up with family and friends before moving to MAPAC, Manila in June for their post-novitiate studies.

The challenges ahead of these young Brothers are not to be underestimated. In each of the countries of the region, Christians comprise only a small minority of the population and, at times, met significant opposition from the dominant religious groups. As well, the situation of many young people is desperate. In congratulating these new Brothers, we therefore commend the generosity of their commitment to Marcellin?s work and pray earnestly for their perseverance.

Caption for photo
The newly professed Brothers with their Provincial and Novice Master. L-R: Albert (Pakistan), Jesudoss (India), Nilupul (Sri Lanka), Michael De Waas, Adnan (Pakistan), Adaikalam (India), Michael Sexton


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