2020-11-17 GENERAL HOUSE

First steps of the Marist Global Family Fund towards Humanitarian Emergencies

The pandemic situation has made many of us aware of our vulnerability, the vulnerability of an increasingly global world. In response to this situation, decisive steps were taken to help in a variety of ways. The General Administration proposed the “Global Marist Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies” initiative.

During these past months, the Provinces have been giving courageous responses, either by helping local and concrete situations that were in need, or by collaborating with the General Administration. Some Administrative Units have contributed financial funds, others have developed Humanitarian Emergency projects. In other parts of the Institute work is being done to discover and raise awareness of emerging needs, others are developing initiatives to raise funds to help with these needs.

As Marists of Champagnat we feel called to respond to the needs of our world. That is why, in June 2020, the General Council created the “Global Marist Family Fund for Humanitarian Emergencies“. The Bureau of Solidarity is responsible for developing this initiative in collaboration and coordination with all the Administrative Units, in this way responding to the mandate of the General Council.

We have set ourselves two objectives:

  • To grow in our awareness of solidarity as a Global Family, which knows how to respond to the emerging needs of our time.
  • To respond to the humanitarian emergencies that arise in our world.

As a Marist of Champagnat, you can join us and collaborate, from your own concrete reality, to create a greater awareness of solidarity, as well as in fundraising.


Br. Ángel Diego – Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity


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