2020-11-05 PHILIPPINES

FMSI and Misean Cara promote a project for children in conflict with the law in General Santos

FMSI, thanks to funding from Misean Cara, will in the position to fund education and vocational training activities for children in conflict with the law in General Santos, Philippines, carried out by the Marcellin Foundation Centre, which has been working with the most vulnerable children since 1991.

Misean Cara will provide 80,000 euros to the FMSI project aimed at meeting the education and training needs of the children, and also  promoting the accompaniment and social integration of the children who have to adapt to a family or a host community.

Through FMSI’s project, the Marcellin Foundation Centre will be able to develop activities that are fundamental for the children to have the opportunity to follow a path of effective rehabilitation and avoid recidivism in crime.

FMSI works in partnership with Misean Cara, an Irish funding body that is always sensitive to the issue of rehabilitation and school reintegration of children at risk of social exclusion. In fact, the constant dialogue with community leaders, parents and students has highlighted the need for a unique reality such as the Marcellin Foundation Centre in General Santos (Philippines).

Children in conflict with the law

The problem of children in conflict with the law concerns children who are often at greater risk of marginalisation. Often, prejudices related to race, ethnicity or social and economic status can lead a child to come into conflict with the law even when he or she has not committed any crime, and be treated severely by the police.  This condition can limit a child’s ability to interact and reintegrate into society and community life.

The problem of children in conflict with the law in the city of General Santos and in the suburbs is further compounded by the lack of services and programmes to prevent crime: the Marcellin Foundation Centre is the only NGO that addresses the problems of these children and provides them with health and psychosocial assistance, recovery and reintegration services aimed at rehabilitation and return to school.

This year, children/adolescents who have been trained at the Marcellin Foundation Centre have had a 65% success rate in terms of placement as employees, self-employed and working abroad. Thanks to the centre’s activities, many young people were able to get out of the illegal world of violence and build a future for themselves.


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