2020-11-16 MALAWI

FMSI collaborates with solidarity campaign in Likuni and Balaka

The Marist Brothers of Malawi together with FMSI promoted different campaigns: a communication campaign against the dissemination of the COVID-19, awareness activities against gender-based violence and early marriage, among the communities of Likuni, and Balaka. The project is co-funded by Manos Unidas (Spain) and the Federation of Christian Organisations International Voluntary Service (FOCSIV), and Caritas Italiana through its “Dacci il nostro pane quotidiano” (Give us our daily bread) campaign.

They have also afford an Online learning support to provide continue education to the students of the Marist “Open School” of Likuni and Balaka through an innovative program using mobile phones; a scholarship program for the girls who are at risk or have dropped out from school for poverty, early marriage and pregnancy.

Malawi: context where Marists work

Most of the rural areas in Malawi are not easily accessible due to bad roads, limited access to internet and mobile phone network, thus limiting access to information. This can easily spread myths and wrong information on COVID-19 and leave the population vulnerable to the virus dissemination. During the lockdown, women and girls are more victims of violence and abuses. Reports about child rape went up by 150 per cent when compared with last year.  Child marriage has almost doubled in parts of Malawi, according to figures from a national helpline. The situation was worsened dramatically because of the school closures and rise in poverty linked to the corona virus outbreak. The Ministry of Education has come up with some initiatives to offer continuing education to students while they are at home.  However, such assistance only targets regular students but not those in informal education like the students of the “Open schools”. targeting learners who had no opportunity to enroll in a regular secondary school.


FMSI is the foundation created by the Institute to promote and protect the rights of children. FMSI carries on its mission through activities of advocacy, lobbying and with solidarity projects in the countries in which Marists are present.

FOCSIV is a federation established in 1972, which brings together Italian non-governmental organisations of Christian inspiration active in the field of solidarity with developing countries. Today it includes 87 organisations. FMSI is a member since 2013.


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