2014-04-03 BELGIUM

Focus on mission

On the 22nd March the Belgian Brothers were welcomed in our house in Habay for an Assembly that involved listening to each other and reflecting together on what constitutes our life today and how we envisage the future. It is time that we begin to mark the contours of the future which we are called to live and build together.

As with the previous two Assemblies Mr Patrice Gobert was again the facilitator. Brothers Maurice Taildeman and Robert Thunus were responsible for the preparation.

Among the participants in this third Assembly were the two General Councillors Antonio Ramalho and Ernesto Sanchez, who had just visited almost all the communities, fraternities and Marist groups of the country. Brother Brendan, Provincial, spoke some introductory words and brought the meeting to a close with a summary of what had been achieved, as did Brothers Antonio and Ernesto.

The focus was on mission, in terms of how it is lived in each Brother's and each community's daily life. This was the starting point for our discernment on what might constitute our future presence in our country. More so than ever, the backdrop for our reflections was the dynamic the XXI General Chapter has offered the Marist world: a new way of being Brother, a new relationship between Brothers and lay people, and a significant presence among children and young people.

The goal of this day was to create a dynamic that might help us to have a clearer vision of our mission in Belgium. Listening to each other, sharing with each other, appreciating the work of others – all of this will surely be helpful as we continue our discernment, which may be difficult but not impossible. We are called to life, that is, to live our personal vocation and our Marist presence in Belgium.

Brother Roberto Di Troia


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