2024-06-08 SPAIN

Formation for directors and coordinators of social works in Europe

From May 27 to 31, 2024, 23 directors and coordinators of social works of the Marist Region of Europe met in Xaudar├│. The participants, who came from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Spain, studied in depth the importance of the care of the teams, sharing on aspects of Human Resources, such as psychological security; on sustainability and the environment; the protection of minors and the rights of children; quality systems; the care of communication within and outside, especially in cases of crisis; planned and strategic work; and the Christian and Marist identity of the Social Works and the spiritual growth that can be experienced from the service that is given there.

In all this, it was very useful to the group the possibility of getting to know the facilities of the Cardenal Cisneros University Center and having moments of formation and sharing with the community of the provincial services of the Province of Ib├ęrica.

The Marist Region of Europe continues to be committed to accompanying these processes of formation and experience, because, as has been shown once again, with this formation, being all One, the leaders have a greater capacity to serve, from the Gospel, in the Region, the boys and girls of the Marist Social Works.


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