2021-06-23 PHILIPPINES

Formation of the new generation of Marist lay leaders

On June 10, 2021, fifteen personnel of Notre Dame of Cotabato, Philippines, participated in the Formation of the New-Generation Marist Lay Leaders. This is the beginning of the seven sessions prepared for the program. A session for the general orientation, 5 sessions for the content and process, and one session for the concluding activity are scheduled to ensure participants meet the target of fully comprehending what it takes to be a leader imbued with the identity, spirituality, and mission in the tradition of St. Marcellin.

This formation initiative adapted the leadership program designed by Br. Maximiliano Meier. Its implementation in the East Asia Province will take some innovations in the methods of delivering the module to ensure aptness to the needs of participants. In giving the orientation, Br. Max stressed that it is important not to be stuck in the narratives of the past. Rather, it is important for leaders to transfer the authentic Marist values and traditions to our time. Hence, the importance of first knowing the historical roots.

With the modules grounded in the richness of Marist tradition, Br. Max, encouraged the participants to appropriate the themes in Marcellin’s time to our own realities. Through this, one can fully embrace and live out the spirituality of Marist leadership, making it more relevant for our time.

Having the said program implemented is in the agenda of the strategic direction of the East Asia Province, particularly in the plan of the Laity Committee, that is, to ensure the preparation and the formative development of the new generation of laity leaders.


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