2021-09-02 SRI LANKA

Formation online for young Brothers post-profession promoted by Tudella Novitiate

Lockdowns around the world have brought many a deep loneliness, frustration, and some have been brought to the brink of despair. But Zoom and other platforms have offered a way forward for many in our Marist world, including our young Brothers in Temporary Vows.

We realised here in Tudella that our 11 young Brothers post-profession weren’t going anywhere soon, so, as well as teaching our Novices online, we decided to set up a similar online course structure for these Brothers, plus we’ve invited other young Brothers around the world to join in any sessions they wish.

Supplemented by theology programs offered by online Universities and by IFRS in Manila (where the brothers were supposed to go for their post-Novitiate formation), we seem to be making the best of things under trying circumstances.

So far, we’ve benefitted from short courses offered by the following below.

Tudella Short Courses [numbers refer to how many 90-minute sessions conducted]:

  • Br Chinthana Nonis, on “Youth Engagement & Child Protection” [2]
  • Archbishop Mark Coleridge, for a three-day online Retreat, [4]
  • Br Jeff Crowe, “Cross-Cultural life and mission” [5]
  • Br Sean Sammon, “Human Sexuality & Celibate Chastity” [6]
  • Br David Hall, “Mary: Ever Ancient, Ever New” [2]
  • Br Tony Leon, “Being Vulnerable” & “Mentoring” [2]

Upcoming Workshops include:

  • Br Rod Thomson, “Vocational Accompaniment” [2]
  • Br Ray Arthur, “Marist Patrimony” [15 to be run for the rest of the year]
  • Mr Tony Clarke, “the Universal Call to Holiness” [1]
  • Mr Nathan Ahearn, “Guarding spaces for young people” [1]
  • Mr Ryan Gato, “Marist Retreats” [1]
  • Br Michael Sexton, “Community” [2]


Br. Rod Thomson – Novitiate of Tudela


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