2007-08-27 UNITED STATES

Foster our growth in Marist identity by focusing on Marcellin Champagnat

The 2007session of the Marist Leadership Institute was held from Sunday, July 22 through Friday, July 27 at Stella Maris Retreat Center in Long Branch, New Jersey. Participating schools were Central Catholic High School (Lawrence, Massachusetts), Archbishop Molloy High School (Briarwood, New York), Marist High School (Bayonne, New Jersey), Roselle Catholic High School (Roselle, New Jersey), Christopher Columbus High School (Miami, Florida), Marist High School (Chicago, Illinois), and St. Joseph Academy (Brownsville, Texas) and Guadalupe Regional Middle School (Brownsville, Texas).

The purpose of the Marist Leadership Institute is to assist participants in integrating and promoting the Marist/Champagnat heritage in their personal and professional lives and to become catalysts for future development of this heritage within their educational ministries.

Participation in the MLI will prepare present and future Marist leaders ?through their ongoing formation in pedagogy, educational leadership and management, as well as in spirituality, the evangelization of youth, justice, and solidarity.? (In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today # 31)

The MLI will also ?foster our growth in Marist identity by focusing on Marcellin Champagnat, his educational heritage, his spirituality, and mission. (In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today # 31)

Brothers Michael Green and David Hall, the presenters at the 2007 session of the Marist Leadership Institute led participants in a variety of themes including:

? Who is this man? Images and Impressions of Marcellin
? Charism. What can it offer the life of a school?
? Sources and Foundations of Marist Education and Pedagogy: The Making of ?In the Footsteps?
? Metaphors for Understanding Marist Education: Some Treasures from ?The Teacher?s Guide? and ?Avis, Le├žons, Sentences?
? Something New for Our Time: A Marian Church
? Our Schools Should Have a Family Spirit: Strategies for Making Our Schools Marist
? Doing Mary?s Work in Mary?s Way: Being ?Theotokos?
? My Call ? Our Call: Our Vocation to be Marist
? A Marist Future for the USA

Brother David Hall is currently the director of the Marist Ministries Office for the Province of Sydney. David has served in a number of schools as principal and religious education coordinator. He oversees the different offices of the Marist Ministries Office which include: Administrative Services, Spiritual Formation of Faculty and Staff, Vocations and Marist Life, and Marist Asia-Pacific Solidarity

Brother Michael Green is the principal of Sacred Heart College in Cairns in northern Australia. He is a member of the Provincial Council of the Sydney Province and has served as director of Marist Education for the Sydney Province. Michael has written extensively on Marist Education and currently serves as the president of the Association of Marist Schools of Australia (AMSA).

Brother Steve Schlitte, principal of Marist High School in Bayonne, New Jersey, serves as the director of the Marist Leadership Institute. Steve chose two themes for this year?s session: Marist pedagogy and its all important complement: Marist spirituality.

The participants at the 2007 Marist Leadership Institute brought with them tremendous experience of and insight into Marist Education. Participants included: Brother Rene Roy, Mr. David DiFillippo, Mrs. Doreen Keller, Ms. Jeanne Burns, and Mr. Chris Sullivan (Central Catholic High School); Mr. Ed Jennings (Archbishop Molloy High School); Mr. Robert Slaski and Bro. Steve Schlitte (Marist High School-Bayonne, NJ), Brother Kevin Handibode, Brother Patrick McNamara, Mrs. Patricia Call, Mr. Juan Gomez, Brother Ken Ward, and Mr. Chris McKeon (Christopher Columbus HS), Brother Owen Ormsby (Roselle Catholic HS); Brother Rick Carey, Mr. Larry Tucker, Mrs. Beth O?Neill, Mr. Don Pirkle, and Mr. Joe Inzinga (Marist High School ? Chicago), Brother Charles Imbergamo, Mrs. Lucy Williams, Mrs. Lindsay Irwin, Bro. Richard Sharpe, Mrs. Lori Trott, and Mr. Rene Flores (St. Joseph Academy), Brother Leo Shea (Guadalupe Middle School), Brother John Klein (Provincial), Brother Ben Consigli (Director of Marist Education), and Brother Hank Hammer (Director of Marist Evangelization).

What did people take with them from the Marist Leadership Institute? Here is what some of the participants had to say at the closing prayer service on Friday, July 27:

?W. E.? Marist Educators and Leaders means ?we?re equal? in our right and responsibility to the legacy and charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat. Mary will show us how to do her work.
Pat McNamara: Christopher Columbus

The teachings of St. Marcellin Champagnat, although written over two hundred years ago, are as real and relevant as if they had been written today.
Beth O?Neill: Marist-Chicago

My experience this week has given words to one of the deepest truths of my heart: that I do this work because I love the young people with whom I work, that I do it because it is God?s call on my life, that I do it because I could not imagine doing anything else.
Lindsay Irwin: St. Joseph Academy

I found each presentation to be both an affirmation of what we are already doing and an inspiration to take it further. As far as my role as a Marist Administrator, it has given me a better understanding of Father Champagnat and his message to the early brothers (and me) and a vocabulary to u se to better articulate that message in our school.
Chris Sullivan: Central Catholic

This experience has renewed my vocation as a lay Marist educator. I gained insight into what Marist culture, charism, but most importantly, spirituality is. I am excited to share this good news with my colleagues and students.
Doreen Keller: Central Catholic

This experience has helped me understand our Marist charism and mission as well as my own vocation and has motivated me to live it with confidence and joy. To be a Marist administrator one surely should walk in the footsteps of St. Marcellin ? indeed BE a St. Marcellin for our time and our students.
Rene Roy: Central Catholic

I finally understand what the Marist aspect of our charism is: to do Mary?s work in Mary?s way.
Steve Schlitte: Marist-Bayonne

If we taught you something new, I hope it is useful. But my sense is that what we mostly did was awaken intuitions that already define who you are as leaders in Marist schools: disciples of Marcellin Champagnat, apostles of youth. Claim that right. Be faithful to that responsibility.
David Hall, presenter: Sydney, Australia


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