2021-02-20 LEBANON

Fratelli Project Manos Unidas, together to fight against hunger in the world

“More than 250,000 children do not go to school – in Lebanon. I am convinced that education saves lives, heals wounds and is a guarantee for a better future in peace,” said Brother Miguel Cubeles, a member of the Fratelli Project, speaking about the situation of refugee children and young people in the country, in a video published by Manos Unidas.

Referring to the type of help that the Fratelli Project offers to people, Br. Miguel recalls that many of these refugees do not have basic rights such as housing or education. “The war continues in Syria, and at the same time, Lebanon is experiencing a political, social and economic crisis, and as in the other countries, it is also experiencing the health crisis caused by covid-19.” 

“Fratelli Project, with the help of Manos Unidas and other organizations is committed to ensure, through socio-educational programs, the promotion, protection and defence of children and young people”, expressed Br. Miguel (L’Hermitage Province).

Fighting Poverty, Hunger and Inequality

The Fratelli Project and Manos Unidas continue to work together to help those most in need and to fight poverty. This year, the central theme of the Manos Unidas campaign is “Raising awareness in society in the fight against poverty, hunger and inequality and above all in the causes that produce them and the unjust structures that perpetuate them”. 

According to data collected by Manos Unidas, more than 2 billion people do not have enough food, 3 billion people live below the poverty line, without drinking water or electricity. And 6,000 billion people do not have the necessary health coverage. For Manos Unidas, “the serious situation we are experiencing compels us to reinforce our commitment, since hunger in the world is nothing more than a reflection of the inequality that exists”.

Fratelli Project

The Fratelli Project, in Lebanon, is an initiative of the Marist and De La Salle Brothers, which welcomes and provides psychosocial care to refugee children and young people, especially Syrians. The country is currently hosting almost 1.5 million refugees.


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