2017-10-14 COLOMBIA

Friday, October 13

Today, October 13, the capitulants continued to work on the revision of the text of the Constitutions and Statutes, particularly on Chapter 5. From this revision, certain proposals are being formulated that will be voted on later next week. The Rule of Life was also presented.


Brother Juan Carlos, from the Facilitation Commission, was the moderator for today’s sessions. He introduced the work of today by highlighting the importance of keeping in mind the 32 calls that have been identified at this General Chapter when reviewing the text of the Constitutions and Statutes.

Brother Josep Maria Soteras then introduced the task table groups would focus on during today, which was to be reviewing chapter 5 on ‘Government and Administration’. He reported that the work of yesterday resulted in nearly all groups having reviewed at least one of the Chapters assigned to them (Chapters 1 to 4). The comments and proposed changes were then compiled by the table secretaries. They then grouped the changes to the relevant chapter into one document according to language. A Synthesis Committee will then work through the suggestions to formulate proposed changes in both English and Spanish.

Today, while the table groups reviewed chapter 5, the Synthesis Committee consisting of Brothers Emili Turú, Carlos Alberto Rojas, Miguel Angel Santos Villarreal, Gabriel Villa-Réal Tapias and Tony Clark prepared the proposed changes to Chapters 1, 2 and 3. At 4 p.m. the capitulants received the proposed changes to Chapters 1 and 2, had time to read through them personally and then discussed them in their table groups. The feedback indicated great satisfaction with the proposed changes.


Rule of Life’ presentation.

Prior to lunch, Brothers Josep Maria Soteras, Eduardo Navarro and Tony Clark gave a more detailed presentation on the ‘Rule of Life’ and how the Chapter will review this document next Monday and Tuesday. The provisionally named ‘Rule of Life’ document will complement and be published with the Constitutions and Statutes. Its purpose is to describe in a simple, yet inspirational and poetic way our vocation, spirituality, fraternal life, formational journey and mission as Marist Brothers.

What has inspired the framework for the ‘Rule of Life’ was the recently published Vatican document entitled, ‘Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church’. Part 1 of the Rule of Life, “The Gift of Brotherhood, as a Mystery of Communion for the Mission” is divided into three sections:

  • Our vocation: being "brother"
  • Our way: living in "community"
  • Our heart: in a permanent disposition of "service".

Part Two of the document has the title: "A gift for the Church and the World". This section has yet to be written. The idea is that ideas for this section would be gathered during this Chapter, but further developed by a group of Brothers and Marist lay people at a later date.

The Rule of Life will be reviewed by capitulants next Monday and Tuesday.


October Birthdays

Today’s program finished with a celebration of the seven Brothers who have birthdays in October. A simple but moving prayer for these Brothers was held in the Chapel. Following this, the seven Brothers were feted at dinner that also included singing, quizzes and beating a piñata. The seven Brothers who have birthdays in October are: Albert Rivera, Anselmo Kim, Brendan Sinei, David McDonald, Máximo Blanco Morán, Patricio Maximiliano Pino Medina and Carlos Saúl Corzo Uribe


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