2022-09-14 GENERAL HOUSE

General Council meeting with the directors of the secretariats and departments of the General Administration

As usual, during the September Plenary Session, the General Council dedicates a week to meeting with the directors of secretariats and departments of the General Administration, to generate synergy in the Institute’s service of animation. Nineteen Brothers and five lay people are taking part in the meeting, which runs from September 12 to 16. Traditionally, the meeting is called “collaborative week”.

The meeting is characterized by the desire to create synergy in the animation of the Institute, “seeking to serve and better serve the children and young people wherever they are”, In the words of Br. Luis Carlos, Vicar General.

The objectives of the meeting can be summarized as follows:

  • – To deepen and integrate the future perspectives presented by the General Conference for the reflection and action of the Secretariats and Departments.
  • – To share perceptions and experiences regarding spirituality.
  • – To know and integrate the evaluation of the services of the General Administration by the Provincials.
  • – To favor the spaces of dialogue and interaction necessary for the Areas, Secretariats, and Councilors Links in their common projects.
  • – To celebrate faith as a community of animation of the Institute.
  • – to deepen interpersonal relationships and offer spaces for community living.

The objectives are achieved through sharing in plenary sessions, formation, and prayer. In addition, it is worth mentioning the meetings that are developed based on the areas (Marist life, mission, and shared services), secretariats, and departments with the respective liaisons of the General Council.


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