2023-10-03 INDIA

Golden Jubilee of Marist Presence in India

The Marists Brothers of India will celebrate 50 years of presence in the country in 2024. The three pioneer brothers were Sri-Lankan and arrived on 1st May 1974, and they were Brothers Gregory Appuhamy, Sunanda Joseph Perera and Godfrey Edward Perera.

Upon arrival they prepared the first Marist House at Thillainagar, in Tricky. Later, in 1975, was inaugurated a house for the Postulancy at Ramilinga and, in 1977, began the novitiate at Tricky. In 1978 the First Indian Brothers professed in Sri Lanka scholasticate. Since then, the brothers have also developed several schools and projects to help “untouchable” children break the cycle of poverty.

Marist Brothers in India are engaged in both educational and social services. Thousands of students have graduated in the last 20 to 30 years through the sector’s Marist schools. Many children and young people have been empowered and supported in terms of education and healthcare. The Marist mission has had a significant impact on the children especially in rural villages.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Br. Nicholas Fernando, Provincial of South Asia, said “God has been journeying with Marist life and mission in India” and has invited all the Marist Brothers and Lay Marists of the province to start preparing the celebration of this great Marist event. The Provincial highlighted some characteristics that could be useful for the Celebration of Golden Jubilee, such as, “that there be a personal and collective process in preparation for the celebration which too is life giving all the way.

Marist presence in India


Currently South Asia Province has four communities in India. And all together there are 17 Brothers from the province in the sector, divided into the following Marist communities:

  • Maria Shanthi Illam at Uyyakondan Thirumalai, Trichy. This is also Regional Office and formation house. There are 6 Brothers.
  • Marcellin Nivasa Community at P.Udayapatti, Karur district. There are 5 Brothers and all of them are working in the schools there.
  • Gregory Illam, Marist Community at Mangamanuthu, Dindigul district. There are 2 Brothers working in the school.
  • Marist Brothers House at Viyazhanmedu, Trichy district. There are 2 Brothers.

Marist District of Asia (MDA) is also present in India and has a community in the village of Talit. Two brothers from South Asia are commissioned here working in MDA. In Talit community there are other 2 Brothers from West Bengal (India) that belong to MDA.


All the four schools belong to South Asia Province, India Sector. Managed by the brothers in Tamil Nadu, India. Schools are both self-financed and partly supported by the Government except Marist Nursery and Primary School at Viyazhanmedu which is fully self-financed. All the schools are in rural villages and students belong to economically backward classes:

  • Marist Boys Primary School at P.Udayapatti, Karur. There are 91 students and 6 teachers including 2 Brothers.
  • Marist Higher Secondary School at P. Udayapatti, Karur. There are 770 students both boys and girls, 35 teachers including 3 Brothers.
  • St. Marcellin Higher Secondary School, Mangamanuthu, Dindigul. There are 330 students, 15 teachers including 2 Brothers.
  • Marist Nursery and Primary School, Viyazhanmedu, Trichy. There are 200 students both boys and girls and 10 teachers and a brother.

Marcellin Trust

Marcellin Trust is a registered and non-profit organization run by the Marist Brothers. There are different projects under the Trust such as Operation Rainbow which provides care and support to HIV/AIDS affected people, La Valla Evening Study Centre. These two projects Chetana Tribal Boys Hostel and community College come under Marcellin Trust but which belong to MDA. 

Support for the Mission in India

Missions in the Indian sector are supported by FMSI, Australian Marist Solidarity, India Village Project (Dundee, Scotland) and Maist colleges in Australia and Scotland. There are others such as Misean Cara and the Italian Bishop’s Conference.


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