2022-09-22 FRANCE

Highlights of the second week of the francophone session for senior brothers and sisters

As we begin the third week of the ongoing formation session with the elderly Brothers, at Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage (France), we evaluated the experience of the last ten days. Thus, at the end of the first week, Sister ThĂ©rèse Lamontagne, helped us to analyze the anthropological perspectives of the elderly, so that we could return, in a second moment, to re-do “My life story”: a realization that we have seldom made, too often pushed by the high-speed train of life. Then, in two sessions, Mrs. VĂ©ronique Gorioux immersed us in four areas related to retired people: fragility, vulnerability, good treatment, and benevolence.

At the same time, we were also able to deepen our links with Marist places and the origins of our family: Rosay and Marlhes, the places of origin of our Founder, and Maisonnettes, the birthplace of our Brother François, a living portrait of Marcellin who transmitted his spirit to us. Getting to know each other better allows us to exchange and share what nourishes us and to be aware that, once again, we are all members of the same family: the arrival of our three confreres from the Congo last Wednesday was a concrete example of this.


Br. Gilles Hogues

Francophone session of the permanent formation program for elderly brothers.

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