2006-04-28 GUATEMALA

His permanent memory lives on in Chichicastenango

Fifteen years after the death of Brother Moisés Cisneros Rodríguez in Guatemala, the painter Goyo Domínguz González, well known amongst us as the painter of Saint Marcellin, has created a beautiful painting that summarises the life of Brother Moisés. In it, Brother Moisés is in the centre, with a serene face and penetrating look, between Jesus and Mary. The people to whom he devoted himself, children and young people, are the indispensable complement around his figure. All of this is marked in intense colours that highlight the signs of the culture in the midst of which he carried out his apostolate.

Brother Moisés Cisneros was murdered in the Marist School of Guatemala. He was born in Quintana de Raneros, León (Spain). He started his apostolate in the San Alfonso School. Later at the Salvadorian High School he worked for the community of Atehuán. He was founder of the community of Chichicastenago. He was Director of the Marist School of Guatemala, in zone 6, when he was murdered in his office.

We remember his dedication and commitment to the simple people of Ateos, Chichi and zone 6; his attentive concern for the young brothers of his community; his twenty-five years as apostle for Central American children and young people and his fidelity until his death, as confirmed in the Gospel text: ?If the grain of wheat does not fall to the ground and die, it bears no fruit, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.?


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