2022-05-23 GENERAL HOUSE

Igniculus: Montagne Stories Today

The Marist Life Area of the General Administration proposes, beginning May 23, a series of short videos of people from the Marist world who share their stories of how, at some point along the way, they felt the “spark” (igniculus) that ignited their vocation to live the Marist life.

Igniculus is a Latin word meaning fire, flame or spark.

Every Monday during the Year of Marist Vocations, a new story will appear on our YouTube channel and on Facebook. On both channels, always leave the “subtitles” option active to follow the story in one of the four languages of the Institute.

In celebrating the gift of our Marist Vocations, we share faith-filled stories that are inspiring and life nourishing. These stories are testimonies to the creative movement of God’s Spirit that makes us fully live out our vocations as Marists: brothers and lay, men and women.

Igniculus: Montagne Stories Today brings back the memory of the encounter of St. Marcellin with the dying boy Montagne, an experience that changed him and consequently gave his life a deep sense of meaning and purpose. The video series captures this transforming real-life experiences instrumental to the discovery of one’s gift of vocation to be Marist. 

This is a concrete initiative to nurture and generate Marist life, which is shared as a testimony that the grace of Marcellin Champagnat is truly relevant for us today and always.



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