2021-12-02 BRAZIL

III Chapter of the Province of Brazil South Amazônia

For four days, from the 23rd to the 26th of November, 41 Brothers of the Province of Brazil South-Amazônia met at the Recanto Marista Medianeira to deliberate on the direction of the institution for the next three years. The General Councillors and liaisons with the South America Region, Brothers Óscar Martín and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa, took part in the chapter assembly.

In the course of the meeting, Brother Deivis Fischer was sworn in as the new Provincial, replacing Brother Inacio Etges, who has completed his 12-year term as Provincial. “Let us dare to live life with hope! This is the challenge for the next three years. As Jeremiah says on his return from exile: ‘there is hope for the future’. As long as there are men and women who believe, who commit themselves, who give their lives, there is hope! And this hope leads us to dare,” said the new Provincial, Br Deivis. See the investiture ceremony of Br. Deivis: https://youtu.be/y5aw7dKkfaU

During the 3rd Chapter, the new Provincial Council was also elected. Brothers Danilo Correia Bezerra, Dionísio Roberto Rodrigues, José Carlos da Silva Bittencourt, Manuir José Mentges and Miguel Antonio Orlandi will accompany the Provincial for the next three years.

The Provincial Chapter closed with a solemn Mass, during which Brothers Antonio Rai Costa de Menezes, Donavan Farias Machado, Luciano Taminski and Matheus da Silva Martins renewed their temporary vows.

Priorities for the next three years

As a result of the reflections and discussions of the Brother capitulants, two priorities were approved for the next triennium: Identity of Being Brothers and Solidarity and Care for Life.

The first priority, “Identity of Being Brothers”, aims to strengthen the identity of consecrated Marist religious as a community of faith, based on community life, spirituality and mission, with audacity and hope, responding to the signs of the times. The points of attention in this area will be culture and vocation animation, ongoing formation, and care for the brothers’ families.

The focus of the second priority, “solidarity and care for life”, is the promotion, through networking, of the culture of solidarity with a view to social transformation, the promotion of human rights and care for our common home, collaborating in the building of the Kingdom of God.

Other points of attention for the three years will be: to improve the knowledge and the living of the Marist charism in the mission areas; to support formation and vocational itineraries with the Marist laity; to promote the integral development of the person and his or her leadership.


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