2023-04-12 PHILIPPINES

Immersion experiences of provincial bursars

During the first semester of this year, the Econome General’s Office is promoting immersion experiences for the treasurers of the Administrative Units who meet in inter-regional groups with the following objectives: to foster links and cooperation by strengthening the sense of belonging to a Global Family; to share experiences and best practices towards sustainability; to explore key strategies and processes of governance and management; to enable learning and interaction between people from different realities; to encourage a broader and more innovative outlook; to seek innovative and creative responses to Marist life and mission.

The experience of these meetings will help make more effective the meeting of the Bursars of the Institute that will be held in France, at Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage, from October 9 to 12, 2023, organized by the Econome General and the International Council for Economic Affairs (CIAE), in which the bursars of the Administrative Units and a lay person from the team or from the Council for Economic Affairs will participate.

For the first semester of this year, 6 meetings have been organized:

  • March 05 to 11: East Asia, General Santos, Philippines (Visiting Provinces: Southern Africa, Africa Centre Est, MDA, West Africa)
  • March 20 to 26: AmĂ©rica Central, Guatemala and El Salvador (Visiting Provinces: Brasil Centro-Norte, Cruz del Sur, L’Hermitage, Mediterránea, Santa MarĂ­a de los Andes)
  • March 26-31: Brasil Centro-Sul, Curitiba (Visiting Provinces: Compostela, IbĂ©rica, MĂ©xico Central, Norandina)
  • April 10-15: Nigeria (Visiting Provinces: Madagascar, South Asia and East Asia)
  • April 24-29: L’Hermitage, Barcelona, Spain (Visiting Provinces: Brasil Centro-Sul, Nigeria, Star of the Sea, West Central Europe, United States
  • May 15-19: Compostela, Valladolid, Spain (Visiting Provinces: Central America, Brasil Sul-AmazĂ´nia, Canada, and Mexico Occidental)

The accompanying photo shows the participants of the first meeting, held in the Philippines in March.


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