2020-06-30 CANADA

In August 2021, the Province of Canada will become a District

After consulting the Provincials and Provincial Councils of the Provinces of Canada, Mexico Central, Mexico Occidental and the United States, the General Council on the 12th June 2020 took the decision that the Province of CANADA, from the 15th of August 2021, will become a dependent District.

In a letter sent on June 24th, in which he communicated this decision, Brother Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, said that “The trust and confidence shown by the Marists of Canada and the three other Provinces committed to this new vision respond to the 22nd General Chapter call to promote and nourish Marist life in all its diversity, working towards our deeply-felt desire to act as ‘one global body’.

During the past two years, the Province of Canada has been engaged in a discernment process reflecting on the future of the Marist charism in the country. This discernment process has given the Brothers and their lay partners the opportunity to enter into a dialogue, listening to each other and to develop a common vision for the viability and vitality for Marist life and mission in Canada. The region of Arco Norte, as well as the General Council, has also been involved in this discernment process.

“Following the announcement made by Brother Superior General, we are already in action mode,” said Brother Gérard Bachand, Provincial Animator of Canada. “Now brothers and laypeople of the Province are looking resolutely towards the future. A future to build within the Institute and the Region of Arco. After a glorious era in Canada, we are entering a world that is more humble but no less significant for the world”.

The decision of the General Council comprises 5 topics:

  1. From the 15th of August 2021, the Province of CANADA, will become a dependent District of the Provinces of the United States, México Central and México Occidental.
  2. The District Board of Governance will be made up of the three Provincials together with the District Superior of Canada.
  3. The four current Provinces with the support of the link General Councilors will draw up the Statutes for the matters of governance and management related to the new District. These will be studied and approved by the General Council.
  4. For canonical matters, the District of Canada will depend on the Province of the United States.
  5. The transition process will be developed and accompanied by a team made up of the representatives of the four current Provinces with the support of the link General Councilors.

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