2022-06-11 PHILIPPINES

Integrated Bar of the Philippines Forge Partnership with Marcellin Foundation

Another milestone program for the welfare of children in conflict with the law was launched at Marcellin Home last June 3, 2022.  The members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), a professional organization of lawyers of South Cotabato and General Santos City, forged partnership with Marcellin Foundation in their interest of working for the best interest of children in need of help.  In the Memorandum of Agreement, it was articulated that the IBP members will help in the cases of children in conflict with the law and provide them with free legal assistance for the period of 3 years.

As an alternative detention center and a formative place for youth at risks, Marcellin ensures that the well-being of every child is looked after. Through the legal assistance program of the IBP, a child needing legal assistance will be referred to the lawyers who will be available for the child’s concerns.

This initiative of providing legal assistance is carried on by the International Pro-Bono Alliance (iPBA0 and the Asia Foundation (TAF) through the project Strengthening the Rule of Law through Legal Aid Clinics in the Philippines.

Joining Br. Crispin, Br. Cristino and the Marcellin boys were: Atty. Remegio P. Rojas, the IBP President, Atty. Joemar Albano, incoming President and their secretary, Atty. Donna Ann Balboa.  With them are Ms. Kristine Camova, the Legal Aid Clerk and Ms. Jamaica Perater, office secretary.

The signing of Memorandum of Agreement can usher in hope for children deprived of legal assistance. 


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