2023-02-17 BRAZIL

Integrated Network of Basic Education of the Marists of Brazil

The Marist Institute has been promoting networking for some years and invites all the Marists of Champagnat to walk together. Since 2015, the Marists of Brazil have been organized motivated by the Strategic Planning of UMBRASIL, to promote unity, synergy, and complementarity among all the Marist units of Basic Education. And now it is forming the Integrated Network of Basic Education for the Marists of Brazil.

UMBRASIL responds with courage to contemporary challenges by promoting at the national level the mission of transforming society through evangelizing education, solidarity, the promotion and defense of life and the rights of children, adolescents and young people.

Through this initiative, it is much more feasible for the Marists to build innovative educational proposals and expand pedagogical experiences that meet the current needs of society and make possible the necessary transformations for the new times.

The network understands and respects regional particularities and contributes so that the Marist educational proposal can be even more recognized for its quality and excellence on the national stage. In addition, synergistic governance practices generate resources and results, with a view to connecting people, the sustainability of the Institution, and the continuity of the mission.

The network is made up of 96 socio-educational units, distributed in 61 private schools and 35 social schools. This wishes to be a benchmark in quality Christian religious education, human formation, and promotion of the rights of children and youth, to promote a more just and supportive society, according to the Marist charism.

The Integrated Network of Basic Education of the Marists of Brazil is carried out in two phases of implementation: the first begins with the Provinces of Brasil Centro-Sul and Brasil Sul-Amaz├┤nia. In the next stage, it is integrated with the Province of Brasil Centro Norte, which from the beginning has participated in the founding movements and in making strategic decisions.

During the first phase of implementation, the Integrated Network will have three offices: in Curitiba, Porto Alegre and São Paulo. In the second phase there will be 6 regional offices, with offices also in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, and Recife.


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