2014-05-16 PERU

Inter-American Conference of Provincials

The first meeting of the Commission of Brothers Today was held in the Marist Residence of the Province of Santa María de Los Andes in Lima from 30 April to 3 May. It was called by Br Libardo Garzón, president of the Permanent Council of CIAP and accompanied by the Directors of the Secretariats of the Laity and Brothers Today at the Institute level, Javier Espinosa and César Rojas, respectively. 

For the Subcommission of the Laity Mr Moisés Beltrán was present; for the Subcommission of Spirituality, Br Francisco Javier Pérez and Sr. Gustavo Balbinot; and for the Subcommission of the Brothers, Br Carlos Vélez.

We proposed to have this first contact as the Brothers and Lay persons responsable for the animation of the spirituality, Brothers today and laity in America to hear about the progress in each area, detect the common accents which unite the three subcommissions and envisage directions for the future.

In an atmosphere of brotherhood, we shared aspects of our life and experience as examples which are budding in the case of Brothers and Laity, letting us discern new ways which the Marist Spirituality Network is called to give after nearly 20 years of existence. 

We read together the Animation Plan of the Inter-American Conference of Provincials which has its roots in the XXI General Chapter, and on this basis we reviewed our deepest convictions and the interactions between the subcommissions.

Finally, to outline the steps to be taken in a shared plan, with joy and enthusiasm and counting on the collaboration of so many Marist men and women of the Continent, attentive to the signs of the times and the calls of the Church and the Institute, we propose to contribute to the revitalizing of the life of the brothers and laity in its charismatic dimension, from reflection, discernment, communication, collaboration, the formulation of proposals and the accompaniment of the various initiatives and projects through…

  • The implementation of programmes of discernment and deepening of the lay Marist vocation, and the promotion of effective forms of new relationship between brothers and laity in the Continent and in the Institute.
  • Reflection on, formation for and the living of Marist spirituality by promoting intineraries and processes of personal and institutional conversion, and pushing on with the linking up of the networks in the AUs and Regions.
  • The promotion of a new consecrated life through affective and effective commitment in new ways of Marist vocations ministry, the innovation and linking up of the formation  processes in our contexts, the motivation and qualification of vocational animators and formators, and the renewal of community life.

We leave very grateful for the hospitality of the Province of Santa María de los Andes and set off entrusting to Mary, our Good Mother, all these dreams of renewal.


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