2019-04-02 GENERAL HOUSE

International Commission of Brothers Today 2019:

The recent gathering of International Commission of Brothers Today (18-22 March 2019) had a fulsome agenda with varied themes and activities such as:

  • Exploring the implications of the Strategic Plans on initial and ongoing formation.
  • Visiting the new community and international ongoing formation team at Manziana.
  • Learning about the Professional standards and Code of Conduct for formators.
  • Reviewing the practice in initial formation in light of the New Constitution.

This was the final commission meeting of their 3 years mandate and the members have been significant in assisting the Secretariat of Brothers Today in the Implementation of the 2015 International Colloquium on Initial Formation, the plan for the International Vocation Animators Course (2016), the organisation of the African Formation Colloquium (2017).  Br Aureliano Garcia was invited to this commission as the new representative of Europe after the election of Br Óscar Martin to the General Council.  Brs Óscar Martin and João do Prado are the link counsellors with this commission.

The Secretariat of Brothers Today is most grateful for the experienced wisdom of each of the brother, representing the regions of the Institute. However, the greater gift was their easy fraternal manner in which they brought to the gatherings of the past 3 years.  Their contributions have been most meaningful to the work of the Secretariat.

We give thanks to these brothers who have served the institute so well: 

Br Vincent Abadom(Province of Nigeria – Africa)

Br Cyprian Gandeebo(District of West Africa – representing MIC)

Br Luis Felipe González(Province of México Central – Arco Norte)

Br Márcio Henrique(Province of Brasil Centro Norte – América Sur)

Br Óscar Martin(Province of Compostela – Europa)

Br Peter Rodney(Province of Australia – representing MAPAC)

Br Lindley Sionosa(Province of East Asia – Asia)

Br Sefo Une(District of Pacific-Oceania)

They are marvellous companions and mentors. 


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