2012-12-20 GENERAL HOUSE

International Gathering of Marist Youth

We are in process of living a special period, as much for the Church – preparation for the coming of Jesus among us – as for the Institute – preparation for the International Marist Youth Meeting (| CHANGE). And you, Brother, young person, or lay Marist, you are invited to prepare your heart, like Mary who is expecting the coming of her son Jesus.

The enrollment process for the « IMYM 2013 | CHANGE », the Missionary Week (prior to WYD) and the World Youth Day (WYD) RIO 2013 is already under way. It is important to follow the guidelines given in the letter sent to the Provincials.

1st Step – Choice of delegate
The Province/District must choose a delegate who will be responsible for the co-ordination of information and the centralisation of enrollments.

2nd Step – Registration of the delegate
The chosen delegate must register on the site http://2013change.org/?page_id=237

3rd Step – Access to the enrollment zone
The delegate will receive by mail a login and a password for enrolling the participants of the Province/District on the Meeting.

4th Step – Choice of participants
Each Province/District must choose its participants for the IMYM 2013 – CHANGE and the WYD, in conformity with the following modalities :


*The participants enrolled according to MODALITY 2 will have the possibility of being accepted for the Missionary Week. The delegations interested in the Missionary Week, after enrollment and the choice of city, will be put in contact with the host Provinces.

5th Step – Enrollment of participants
The delegate must enroll the participants from his Province/District according to the available modalities and, in the case where there are participants for MODALITY 2 interested in the Missionary Week, he must include the corresponding choice in the enrollment form.

6th Step – Payment
Payment should be made by bank transfer (all countries except Brasil).

7th Step – Confirmation of enrollment
After the payment is made, the delegate will receive confirmation of the enrollments by mail.

Enrollments for the « IMYM 2013 | CHANGE » and the WYD for the pilgrims staying at the « Colegio Marista San José » – Tijuca, have been extended to 28/02/2013. This will allow the Provinces more time for getting organized. We remind you that the costs for the « IMYM 2013 | CHANGE » and accomodation for the WYD at the « Colegio Marista San José » remain unchanged. As indicated on the WYD site, enrollments made after 31 January will be increased by 5%. The enrollment of Marist pilgrims should be made through the  site www.2013change.org

Remember that the enrollment of Marist pilgrims for the WYD is made by the Organizing Commission of « IMYM | CHANGE ».

As soon as enrollments have been made, the Marist pilgrims who are getting ready to take part in the Missionary Week (from 16 to 21/07/2013) should contact the respective Provinces in Brasil. The cities hosting the Marist pilgrims are: Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS).

Let us go forward with Mary and Champagnat. As Marists, let us have a change of heart for the coming of the Prince of Peace.

Organizing Commission of « IMYM 2013| CHANGE »


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