2020-10-15 BRAZIL

International virtual training to promote dialogue on children’s education

From 28 September to 2 October, the “Marist Exchange” took place online, an event that has been going on since 2016. The formation, organized this year by the Province of Brazil Sul-Amazônia in collaboration with the Province of Cruz del Sur, has had as its objective the sharing of practices and experiences in the implementation of the pedagogical proposition of children’s education between Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The meeting provided training for Marist educators from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Mexico, who were invited to participate in the debates.

During the week different topics were addressed in the context of Early Childhood Education. With the aim of creating connections between Marist institutions, the event dealt with approaches to the concept of childhood, the pedagogy of listening, pedagogical documentation, planning of teachers and projects. The themes dealt with were: the resonance of childhood, the way of paying attention and listening to children, pedagogical documentation-memory and the construction of the itinerary.

The joint collaboration, created four years ago, is a Marist interprovincial formation that has already achieved good results. The formation was certified by PUCRS. The on-line format also allowed for the organisation of introductory periods  for those interested in the subject.


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