2012-12-18 FRANCE

Is attention to youth in difficulty a priority among us?

The third axis of the Strategic Plan 2012-2015 of the Marist  Province of  l’Hermitage places the accent on the attention paid to children and young people in difficulty: « To develop aProvincial policy of promotion, protection and defence of the rights of children, through awareness education and the formation of educators and teams of direction, guidance and accompaniment of children and young people, preferably those in situations of risk or special vulnerability. »

The aim of this project is to « make the educational teams aware so that they may carry out projects of individual attention to the pupils and young people, giving priority to those having difficulties (on the school, social, emotional planes, etc.). »

Learning difficulties, emotional problems, generally because of difficult family situations, as well as problems of behaviour and socialisation lead the educators and animators of the Province together to plan and create appropriate projects for helping children and young people to realise themselves.
This axis allows us to ask questions : Is attention to young people in difficulty a priority among us? How is it expressed?

In harmony with the whole Marist Institute, this axis also allows us to invest in actions which will further develop our sensitivity and our mission in the face of the protection and promotion of children’s rights.

Angela Sestrini


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