2016-08-12 COLOMBIA

Joint-formation experience

The Province of Norandina has been promoting joint-formation experiences in the three countries that make up the Province. This year, the meetings took place in Venezuela during Holy Week, in Ecuador in June, and in Colombia in July.

There were 21 participants in Ecuador, including laity, brothers and postulants. The most recent meeting was in Armenia, Colombia, with the participation of 21 brothers and 23 lay people. There were brothers from all ages. The lay participants included teachers, pastoral coordinators, and members of the Champagnat Movement.

This experience tries to highlight dialogue and personal communication among the participants rather than theoretical contents. Both lay people and brothers have leading roles, and share the organization and animation of the four-day meetings. ‘Small communities’ or ‘life groups’ among the participants guarantee a deeper communication process, as well as an experience of community accompaniment and mutual vocational enrichment.

These joint-formation experiences are an expression of communion that make prejudice and fear banish, and generate confidence and mutual appreciation between brothers and lay people.


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