2021-01-27 PHILIPPINES

Laity Secretariat Joins Meeting of Asia Laity Commission and Leaders of Lay Animation

On January 22, 2021, Carol Wark, member of the Extended Secretariat of the Laity, and Agnes Reyes, Assistant Director, join the meeting of the Asia Laity Commission and the Leaders of Lay Animation. In the meeting, a progress report of the initiatives done in the Asia Region were presented by the leaders of the different Administrative Units:  Ms. Elma Rafil from East Asia, Br. Bao Nguyen, from Marist District of Asia, and Br. Sunanda Alwis, from South Asia.

It was an opportunity for an engaging dialogue with the members of the Secretariat.  Participants shared experiences, reflected on the structure and status of animation, and were informed of the upcoming International Leadership Course and the Laity Forum, that will be launched next 19th March.


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