2020-02-11 ITALY

Lavalla200> Siracusa – International Community for a New Beginning

A small coastal city on the south-east side of Sicily, not far from the port of Augusta. The community lives in a centre under the control of the diocesan Caritas.  Their outreach is to recently- arrived migrants, especially unaccompanied minors. Many contacts were made and daily visits to a centre of “first welcome”.  Recently the community leased a space in the centre of the city where it is intended to offer education programs (esp. Italian), counselling, arts and crafts, and simply companionship.

When the Spirit sings, the dance of mission begins. Join in?

International Communities for a New Beginning is an initiative of the Marist Institut open to Brothers and Marist Laypeople who feel called to dedicate a period of their lives to go beyond their geographical and cultural borders.  It is characterised by sharing life in mixed Marist communities, global availability, internationality and inter-cultural living and mission, responding boldly to emerging needs. After a Preparation Program, the participants are sent either to one of the Lavalla200> communities or to one of the special projects of the Institute, such as MDA (Marist District of Asia), the Fratelli Project in Lebanon, Solidarity in South Sudan and others.

To join the intiative, Contact your provincial or cmi@fms.it


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