2020-01-27 ITALY

Lavalla200> Syracuse – CIAO celebrates its first anniversary

The Intercultural Centre for Aid and Orientation (CIAO), an initiative of the international Marist community in Sicily, Italy, celebrated its first anniversary on January 28th.

It is an intercultural centre providing help and guidance for young immigrants/refugees living in and around Syracuse. It is intended above all for the children of the first and second reception centres and for the new arrivals who wish to be integrated into the territory. The centre aims to offer services that promote adaptation and integration into Italian society.

CIAO is an initiative of the Lavalla200> Syracuse community, which works in collaboration with various individuals and local bodies. Currently, the Marist community is made up of Br. Giorgio Banaudi (Mediterranea), Regina Biasibetti (Brazil Sul-Amazonia), Br. Ricky Gomez (Norandina) and Rosa Maria Schiaffino (Mediterranea).


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